More Millennials Choosing Socially Responsible Investing

credit: Flickr

For Millennials, investing and morals go hand-in-hand. Over 75% of millennials are interested in investing in socially responsible investments, and those that create positive change in the world, with strong environmental and workforce policies.

It's being discovered that younger generations want to use their money to better the world, and gain financial return. Still, 53% of millennial investors believe that sustainable investments should require a financial trade-off. In contrast, 79% of Gen X and 67% of Baby Boomers feel the same way.

Profitability is still of concern when investing, but sustainable investing is on the rise. Now, investors are starting to see that sustainability and profits are intertwined, and are looking to allocate to companies that advocate for social and environmental change, while still generating profit and creating an impact.
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